Veronica Lake Paper Dolls

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One star streaked across the Hollywood firmament during the 1940s and became an instant icon of the WWII years. Veronica Lake was a petite, sultry actress who became famous for her peek-a-boo hair-do that almost covered one eye. Her career was brief, but her fame lives on through her many film noir hits. 

The book, created by artist David Wolfe and Richard Fellows (an expert on Veronica Lake), features three Veronica dolls and eight pages of glamorous '40s fashions from her personal wardrobe and films including I Married a Witch, The Blue Dahlia, This Gun for Hire, The Glass Key, I Wanted Wings, Sullivan's Travels and Duffy's Tavern. There are more than 50 fashion items in all! Authenticated by Mr. Fellows who also penned a biography included in the book. Film buffs and vintage fashion fans will find this book to be a treasured collectible. 

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