Femme Fatales of Film Noir Paper Dolls

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Artist and movie buff, David Wolfe, turns back the cinematic clock to the 1940s and 50s for a paper doll book dedicated to the glamorous and often lethal leading ladies of Film Noir. The dark and sinister movies popular after WWII starred tough guy anti-heroes who were always entangled with dangerous dames portrayed by stars like Lauren Bacall, Joan Bennett, Rita Hayworth and Barbara Stanwyck.

This sophisticated new book presents four femme fatale paper dolls who look sexy and chic in dozens of fashions from films such as Double Indemnity, The Maltese Falcon and The Lady from Shanghai. Included are seductive gowns, smartly tailored suits, playwear with pizzazz and sensational accessories. An essay by David explains the Film Noir genre and its fascination with fabulous ‘40s and ‘50s fashions.