Merry Movie Christmas Paper Dolls and Pop Trivia

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Enjoy Christmas classics year-round with this heart-warming collection by David Wolfe. This special edition celebrates nine Christmas movies with 12 paper dolls and figures to cut-out and display. 

Clarence the angel from It’s A Wonderful Life leads a parade of memories. Songstresses Judy Garland and Rosemary Clooney wear gorgeous gowns of poinsettia red as seen in Meet Me in St. Louis and White Christmas. The center spread contains six child stars from screen favorites including Home Alone, A Christmas Story, Holiday Affair, It’s a Wonderful Life, Meet Me in St. Louis and Miracle on 34th Street. The young stars include Margaret O’Brien, Natalie Wood, Karolyn Grimes and Macaulay Culkin. Comics Chevy Chase and Will Ferrell make make ‘em laugh in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Elf. The book ends with Kris Kringle who believes he’s really Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street

This Pop Culture Paper Doll book includes a Christmas movie trivia quiz and a synopsis of nine must-watch Christmas classics.

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