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Phyllis Diller

Paper Doll

By David Wolfe.

Have some fun with Phyllis Diller!

Now the outrageous funny comedienne is a paper doll (3 dolls, in fact) in a colorful new book published by Paper Studio Press.  Created by outstanding paper doll artist, David Wolfe, the book not only includes eight pages of wacky outfits from the star's own closet but it is also peppered with some of her hilarious one-liners.

The Phyllis Diller paper doll book is authorized by the pioneering stand-up comic whose many TV appearances and movies made her a true pop culture icon.  Her zany image is captured in the trio of paper dolls so vividly that you can almost hear that braying laugh of hers as you are cutting out her wardrobe and dressing her in an eye-popping, absolutely unique wardrobe of outfits she actually wore.  Miss Diller allowed David Wolfe access to her vast collection of costumes and wigs so this paper doll book is an authentic collectible, a wonderful reminder of one of the great comic stars of our time.

Phyllis Diller   Diller

Diller   Diller

Phyllis Diller - Paper Doll, $12.00

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