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  • Now Available! FASHION ICONS Jacqueline Kennedy and Diana, Princess of Wales by David Wolfe. Two all-time great fashion icons of the 20th Century, a First Lady and a Royal Princess, both women of staggering fame, stunning fashion and widespread influence. Two paper dolls plus 25 history-making annotated outfits including their romantic wedding gowns. Commentary compares their high profile style.
    Now available for purchase at www.paperdollreview.com, $12.00
  • Now Available! HOLLYWOOD GOES TO PARIS by David Wolfe. Four beautiful paper dolls to wear 32 fabulous costumes from Hollywood movies set in Paris. Sophisticated high fashions appearing in films including Gigi, Can-Can, Funny Face, Roberta, The Last Time I Saw Paris and more. Plus essay explaining the constant cinematic fascination with French fashion over the years.
    Now available for purchase at www.paperdollreview.com, $12.00
  • Article Archive! HITCHCOCK'S BLONDES. View this article and paper doll by David appearing in Issue 112 of Paper Doll Studio Magazine?.
  • Now Available! Ava Gardner Paper Doll Book. Authorized edition with 3 beautiful dolls and eight pages of sensational costumes from the sultry star's hit films of the '40s-'70s including Show Boat, The Barefoot Contessa, The Killers, The Snows of Kilimanjaro and more.
    Now available for purchase at www.paperdollreview.com

What's Coming Soon!

  • Work-in-Progress! VERA-ELLEN, Dancing Star by David Wolfe. A tribute to an overlooked star of ‘40s and ‘50s musical movies, she danced with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and other top stars. Her 13 musical film career including White Christmas, Words & Music, On the Town, Three Little Words and Happy Go Lovely. A trio of Vera-Ellen dolls plus 24 costumes from her films. Plus a biography of the dancing star. Scheduled for publication later in 2015.
  • Work-in-Progress! HOLLYWOOD GOES TO NEW YORK CITY by David Wolfe. Another paper doll book in the “Hollywood Goes to…” series from Paper Studio Press. This book stars four dolls with 27 costumes from films set in New York City. Sophisticated Manhattan style as seen in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Night and Day, Funny Girl, The Great Ziegfeld, All About Eve, Broadway Melody, Auntie Mame and many more. Plus an essay on the lure of big city stories. Scheduled for publication later in 2015.